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Price Per bag / 5 pounds: $15.99

Soil Vigor ® + Humic Acid organic fertilizers for all plants.

Soil Vigor ® + Humic Acid expands and retains water and nutrients for your plants, Reduces soil compaction and increases aeration.

Soil Vigor water storing crystals is a Potassium based Super Absorbent Polymer that does not cause soil clumping, it reduces water stress in plants and helps protect them in times of hot weather or drought.

Humic Acid organic fertilizers is an entirely soluble product that dissolves readily in water to create liquid humic solutions easy for the plants to absorb. Mix with Soil Vigor Water Storing Crystals will not wash out with watering or heavy rain. It works to not only benefit the plant now, but also improve solid conditions for the future

Soil Vigor is long lasting in soil for up to 7 years.

Application Type:

Application Rate: meas. abbr. teaspoon(tsp.), tablespoon(tbsp.)

Seedlings,Transplan          Potting Plants

6"pot-2tsp; 8"-4tsp;10"-6tsp; 5gallon-4tbsp.

Trees & Shrubs

Apply SV to roots at 4lbs/ cubic yard of panting media

Flower/Garden Beds

4oz per 70 lbs. soil. 4 lbs. per 1 cubic yard.

Lawns and Sod

10lbs per 1000 sq. ft. IF TILLED 6' INTO GROUND.

Soil Vigor + Humic Acid 5 pounds, 8 count

SKU: sv+ha-5lbs-8
    • SAVE 50% on water/fertilizer cost - Reduces run-off.
    • Natural Automatic Vacation-Away Watering Solution.
    • Boost successful plant/shrub/tree transplanting outcomes.
    • Natural aerating without effort or mechanical means.
    • Increase seed germination rate with ample water/nutrients.
    • Healthy root development for stronger/vibrant plant life.
    • Create your own Time-release water-soluble fertilizers.
    • Earth-Friendly; Protects ground water from toxic fertilizer
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